Saturday, November 1, 2014

Spooky Halloween!

The Halloween spooks at the Mitchell house:
Dallin - Thor
Clara - Fairy
Ava - Pirate Princess
Bennett - Pirate
Emerson - reluctant cow
Mom - Scarecrow
Dad - "mean" dad (not pictured)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Being #5 isn't going to stop me!

Ok, well popcorn will stop him, but he is one daredevil little boy!  We love our Emerson boy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mortal frenemies

This never happens!
Ava and Emerson have been frenemies (friends but mostly enemies) from the time Emerson was born.  They are constantly harassing each other.  Mason found them sitting within 5 feet of each other and captured them...smiling.  Here is to hoping they learn to love one another, eventually!

Butterfly Exhibit!

While visiting Phoenix for Easter we went to the most amazing place...the butterfly exhibit.  It was magical, steamy, relaxing, humid and wonderful.  Butterfly Wonderland.  How aptly named!  A place where butterflies hitch a ride on little girls and where you can wonder around while 2500 butterflies dance around you.  We have been back twice more (both in one trip!)  Everyone should experience this beautiful place!

Backblogging: Easter 2014

We went to Phoenix for Easter this year and loved seeing our family and our BFFs.  
We swam, visited and basically exhausted ourselves for a few days!

Love this picture of Grandma!

"How is your vacation going?"

School has started in the Mitchell family.  
Dallin and Clara started full day Kindergarten last week.
Ava and Bennett started preschool on Tuesday and Friday mornings.
Only Emerson is left at home and he is LONELY!  He asks for "sissy" (Clara) all day, "Where Sissy?"
Mason has asked me repeatedly, "how is your vacation?"
I have decided not to respond!  Would you?

Back to school dinner ended up being french toast and root beer because the oven and stove broke!  The kids loved it!

Dallin and Clara going to kindergarten!

Ava and Bennett ready for preschool!

Not to be left out of the picture taking!  My baby Emerson!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our February!

February was filled with trips.  Trips to Arizona with only 1 child! A holiday really! A trip to the Gilbert AZ Temple with my BFF.  A trip to Costco (a weekly is my grocery store of choice)! A trip to the bookstore with my favorite date (Dallin)! And a trip in our imaginations as we all (all 5 babes) sat on the table to watch an amazing show about a curious little monkey!  
It was a very busy month, hence the lack of posts.  On to March!